Ole Myrvang

“I have been working with Richard for about 8 months. When we first started I couldn’t even sit down on a chair without pain due to overtraining. Sleep was not on point and neither was my bodyweight.

After I got Richard as my sparring partner things have really improved and we finished it all with a photoshoot. Proud to say in the best shape of my life.

Along with the physical part, he is a coach that is with me outside of the gym as well.  Thanks to him I get my hours of sleep, diet is on point and we have built my body to be able to workout 6-7 times a week.  Now it’s time for a lean bulk and I’m really looking forward to future muscle- and brain gains with Richard as my coach.

If you’re looking for a coach, look no further. Have faith in him and do as he says: You’ll get amazing results.”

Vincent Huisman

Over de Coach

Vanuit passie, ervaring en continue studie ondersteun ik ondernemers in de fitness branche met zakelijke aspecten zoals online marketing en sales. Ik heb een bovengemiddelde interesse in wetenschap, fitness en voeding en ik ben een gecertificeerde Personal Trainer.

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