This is my first experience with coaching and I was pretty new to this world. I was very lucky to find Chris on my way and I am very thankful for this.

First of all, he taught me how to fuel my body with the right nutrition based on my needs and without following a strict diet. Therefore, following this new path was never difficult or frustrating. 

I lost 17 kg and I still cannot believe it.

Chris is always available and ready to share the right advice and reassurance. I showed him how I wanted to become and I am going toward the right direction. I find his guidance (diet + exercises) perfect for me in all the steps of the process. 

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Chris Kunst

Over de Coach

Het is mijn missie om gepassioneerde mensen te helpen dichterbij hun fitness doelstelling te komen: hetzij het maximaliseren van kracht en spiermassa, vetverlies om een awesome fysieke shape te bemachtigen, of simpelweg het optimaliseren van je “fitness lifestyle” zodat je vitaal en sterk je leven door kunt. Kennis overdracht vind ik daarbij fundamenteel: jij moet weten wat je doet, en waarom.

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