I have always been very active and interested in sports and wellness. I decided to go with Bell Coaching because of great results of a friend of mine made there. I had been thinking for a long time to do something, as I was not really happy how an once athletic man had become a chubby man. I haven’t been happy with how I felt and looked for a long time. 

I tried several times to get a grip on myself and tone down the chubby guy I had become. But despite trying different things, I was not able to get any results. There are so many different programs, theories, and diets out there – it was just overwhelming to think about what I should do, I just was not able to find a model that would work for me. So I decided to seek professional help and signed up with Bell Coaching, and Chris Kunst became my coach.

One of the biggest reasons behind my success was the way Chris took the time looking into my daily routines, my work, hobbies, preferences and, from there, created a plan for me. A simple plan to get started that fitted me, my goals, and my situation at that moment.

It was not that the program and training became my life, but it was a plan that was adapted to my daily life, and one that was realistic for me. It all worked in a perfect balance. Of course, I had to do my part and put in effort and make time in my schedule, and Chris helped me along by adjusting the plan based on the latest situation and progress.

I started the program before gyms were in lockdown, but as the world changed suddenly with COVID-19, so did my plan. I was really impressed by how quickly there was a new plan when the lockdown came. It was adapted to me and I was able to follow it from home.

Having someone that is there to help with questions when they come up was crucial for me. Especially at the start I had a lot of questions, and I’m sure Chris had to work long hours to answer all my questions and analyze all videos of my training. Without that help, I would have not gotten this far.

The other really important factor for me was the fact that I needed to report back with my progress on a weekly basis. It gave me more motivation as I did not want to disappoint Chris and myself with bad excuses. Because the plan was made for me, there was no reason for me not to follow it.

The start was the hardest as results did not not come fast. It was really helpful to have Chris supporting and motivating me, reminding me of the “patience” story… keeping me going and getting results.

Sometimes it was hard to keep the discipline, but it was interesting to learn how everything became natural and a part of my daily life. Suddenly it was not that difficult anymore. The program itself was not complicated, but actually simple to follow. It was made for me and adjusted based on how I progressed. I was not taking any special supplements or protein shakes. I ate basic food and even enjoyed burgers and pizzas throughout the program.

At first I was hesitant to go with an online coaching service, especially in Netherlands, because I do not speak Dutch. But it turned out to be a totally unfounded worry. I didn’t need to go through a lot of instruction or theory videos or articles.

Chris helped me with everything I needed to know, and we just executed the plan. I think the results speak for itself. So, I could not recommend Bell Coaching any more than I do now: they really know what they are doing. Thanks to Chris and the team, and I’m looking forward to continuing the coaching and building more meat around the bones (time to bulk!).

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Chris Kunst

Over de Coach

Het is mijn missie om gepassioneerde mensen te helpen dichterbij hun fitness doelstelling te komen: hetzij het maximaliseren van kracht en spiermassa, vetverlies om een awesome fysieke shape te bemachtigen, of simpelweg het optimaliseren van je “fitness lifestyle” zodat je vitaal en sterk je leven door kunt.

Kennis overdracht vind ik daarbij fundamenteel: jij moet weten wat je doet, en waarom.

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